It’s not the size....

It’s how you use it. 

I’m not talking about what you think I am talking about. 

What I’m referring to is your community. Your social support group. 

I have gotten so many comments lately that are people being worried about. Me moving to a smaller town. They are concerned because I came from such big cities like Boston and London that I wouldn’t survive in a smaller town. 

I call bullshit. I traveled to aboutt 12 cities in 2016. What I gathered from that whole expereince is that a city is a city is a city. 

The quality of your relationships is what consitutes a quality life. 


See, I think of it like a golden labrador. It’s a beautiful dog, it wants to be everyone’s friend, and its always moving about. 

But the thing is, to get quality time with a rambunxious and constantly moving dog is hard. It’s constantly ready for the next shiny object. 


I’ve been there. I dont want to any more. 


I have come to love and appreicate quality friends. People I can call at 2 am when shit hits the fan. Friends who show up for me when panic attacks happen and they don’t care that I am too nice to say I want you there but I tell them “Don’t come, I’’ll be fine” 


Social support is the MOST underrated and underutilized tool in life. Quality realtionships not only affect your mood, but can boost immune system response and overall heart health. 


So, while I appreciate everyone’s concerns, please let me find my group. Realize I don’t need more in life. I want less but more quality. 


I hope you join me in it. 



You Missed My Heart

It's one of my favorite cover songs done by Phoebe Bridgers.


I had the pleasure of seeing her live. Only 140 or so people in the room. It was fucking magical. Not many knew who she was so I lucked out. I got to be on the in of the show. It was pure bliss. 

It was also the first concert I got to see with my sis. She is one of the most resilient woman you'll ever meet. You could say that night was a game changer for me. 

Why? Well because the song itself talks about a man who was willing to murder his ex gf's boyfriend. No, I am not saying that THAT is the point of this post. 

What I am saying is that sometimes the things you are most passionate about will come at the wrong time and wrong space for people. They will miss your heart. They will miss your gusto. They will miss your mission. 

I've been there. I have had ideas I have wanted (I.e. Wicked Smaht Yoga and yoga meets neuroscience) fall flat on its face. People didn't care or want to hear about it. 

When I started practicing Reiki, people were unclear on it. It was too messy, it was too unclear, it didn't guarantee anything at the end of the session. 

I kept going. Just because a few missed my heart didn't mean that all would. It just meant I hadn't found those willing to hear the beat beat beat beat of its pulse. 


Don't let a few that missed your heart stop it from beating. 



Lee Skunes

What simplicity has taught me, and why most days I want to yell at it.

You read that correctly. Every fiber of my being of living in Boston for 10 years and living in a modern society says, “Have more! Want more! Get more letters behind your name! Have more things! Have a better job, relationship, muscular body, likes, dick picks, you name it!”


I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to fulfill that life. So what am I doing instead? WEll, I am finding my own way around this. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, for some people having the more qualities in your life is what drives you to be a good human being. By all means, if you are striving  to benefit humanity and create influence of changes, that’s the good good shit. Keep doing that. 

What I am talking about is the incessant drive of companies, peer groups, social media, and advancements in technology to consume more for the sake of consuming more. 

I joke with people here, but I do mean it. Give me a yoga mat, a bike, a bed, some cookery, and a car to get around, a gym, and you’ll see one tall happy fucker. 

and I mean it. 

After going to about 12 different cities in 2016-2017, I have come to the realization that a city is a city is a city is a city. Yes, nightlife or unique cultural aspects can be seen in them, but if you are expecting a city to hand you on a silver platter the experience of contentment and fulfillment via external cues, have fun with that. It’s exhausting for many. 

Looking from the outer to help with the inner can only go so far. Yes, social support and external coping strategies are super helpful. Sitting down at a good play can be cathartic. Having a solid glass or bottle (who am I kidding) of red wine with friends can be fulfilling, even soul healing. However, you have to go beyond that. You want to start to engage inwards. 


This is what I fucking love about yoga. Even lifting, for that matter. It is a sandbox of exploration of the inner workings. It’s the practice of inner knowing. Inner being work is sloppy. It’s annoying. It’s time consuming. It’s ugly and vicious and is going to show you all the scars you haven’t salved over. 

My dear readers, you did not come on to this planet to sit on false clouds, only to fall in to the peril of realizing you will die one day. You came on to this planet to create experiences, to be with yourself in the now. To truly love the inner workings of you. All of it. 


This living of simplicity fights against that very opposite. That numbing of out there. Trust me, I have been in those throes as well. I am not saying I am above that lifestyle at all. I like nice things. However, I’m hoping to change that experience and truly get specific about what I truly do and don’t need. 


Simplicity means different things to different people. For some, it means one pair of jeans and a tee shirt. That’s cool. That’s not my version. Your version could also mean only having two cars and only three bedrooms in your house. You fill it only with a bed and a night stand and no televisions in your house. 


The possibility of simplicity is subjective. 


Maybe it’s time you play with yours. 


Happy simpledom