Why I will never stop being your cheerleader.

Yes. This is me. In a tutu. Smiling. No cares in the world. 


Today I am feeling nostalgic and grateful for what I do

Some days can be a challenge. Feeling like I am giving enough. Providing enough. Making enough of a difference. 

Most days, however, this is not the case. 

I currently am training people nationwide and living back at home and contributing here as well. Contribution is the fastest way to set my heart on fire and fuel my soul. 

I will never stop cheerleading for your goals. For YOUR success. In doing so, it lights me up to fulfill on mine. 

Recently, I got to work with a Physical Therapist who had some knee and shoulder issues. By the end of our 40 minute sessions, most of her issues were gone. The look on her face when she had freedom in her body was contagious. 

I will never stop cheerleading for you to feel well. 

Thank you to all who have given me this opportunity to do so. 


Much much much love



Why you're yoga poses don't really matter that much.

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

We've all seen these. 30 Day yoga challenge! Take a month to master all these poses and you could win a blah blah blah!

Here's the thing: your yoga postures don't make your yoga practice. 

There. I finally said it. 

Too many in the Yoga community make the postures the pinnacle part of their teachings and practice. They spend all this time focusing on a peak posture and how many ways can I use x, y and z props to get into this posture to make it "look" a certain way. 

After having lived in England for a few months out of two suitcases and then moving back state side in those two same suitcases, all while practicing yoga and meditation, I can tell you one thing  I learned. 

The heart of your practice is not what posture you take. It is the arrival on the mat, the breath you bring to it, and the mindset you cultivate out of it. 

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images


We put so much pressure on our students to be a certain way in a posture, giving cues that somehow are meant to fit a one size fits all approach. Yes, I fell prey to this as a new yoga teacher as well. There is safety in what is being taught. Yet, if we do not question what is being taught even as a teacher or student, we have lost a potent part of the yoga practice: self study. 


So, the next time you go to a yoga class and feel the pressure of doing a certain posture, stop. If you feel the pressure as a teacher to make the perfect sequence, stop. If you feel reluctant to show up to a yoga class because you feel x, y, or z about doing the postures, stop. 

At the end of the day, you showing up is what MATTERS. not the postures, not the savasana, not the song playing in the background. 

What matters is YOU. You showing up, unrolling the mat, sitting for a few seconds to focus on YOU. You taking the time to commit to your experience. 

That's all . 


Much Love



Why Play is the missing link to your Health and Wellness Success

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Courtesy Google Images

Do you remember the saying, "Like a kid in a sandbox"? Well, as an adult, it may be more potent than you think.

As a trainer, nutrition coach, and a yoga teacher, I have seen so many people become attached and over rigid with their health and wellness goals. They become obsessed about gym time, anxious about enjoying a chocolate bar, depressed if they miss a workout, and reluctant when stepping on a scale. 

we begin to feel stuck and stifled in our own goals. we start to not see a way out. 

When you lose the Joy and Exploration of your health and well being wants, you lose the keys to the kingdom of your success.

See, here is the thing about your well being desires: they are yours. No one else's. You have EVERY RIGHT to explore the avenues you need to take to make changes. Period.

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images


Why Play matters in your success.

The idea of play (what I mean by it) is not something new. CEOs, Highly Skilled Professionals, and Successful Artists have been using this for ages.

Play, how I define it is:

The capacity to explore actions and ideas not for the sake of going somewhere with it, but for the sake of exploring. 

What happens when you do this? 

  • Doors Open-  When you bring play into a situation  for example like your food choices, you no longer feel tied down to just ONE choice. You can start to explore different recipes, you can swap food options out, and dare I say even play with your food!
  • Options Expand- While it isn't the point of bringing Play into your personal health wants, you will notice that the possibilities become stacked HIGH and could become ENDLESS. Who says you need to lift heavy to create change? Why not yoga, walking, aerobics, zumba, cross country skiing, line dancing, polka dancing, figure skating, hula hooping, skateboard, and so much more? All create great change to your overall health, so don't know 'em until you try 'em!
  • Insights Ignite- You may find when you bring play/exploration/creativity to your area where you feel stuck, that new insights occur. You may realize you have been GRUDGINGLY going down a certain way of practicing yoga or meditation and want to try a different practice like tai chi or qi gong! 

This practice of bringing play to areas you are stuck has helped me MANY times. The first time I practiced this for ten months straight, my business improved, I booked a musical, I became a more confident person, and I learned to grow up and realize I don't have to be perfect to take action. I just have to take action and explore and see what unfolds. 

How do I start bringing play into my life of wellness?

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

1. Start with one area of your health you feel stuck.

2. Find some sticky notes to write on and a pen to write with. 

3. With yourself, or your community of friends and family, start to write on each sticky note ALL THE OPTIONS you can think. Literally. 

4. Do not STOP until you can't think of anymore options to play/explore!!!

5. When you feel like you may have exhausted your options, take a moment to pause and see all the new avenues that have opened up. 

6. You can repeat this for any area of health, or even life itself. 


I hope this idea of play is something you use to create change. It is an underrated practice but so thrilling to do when you feel stuck and still want to succeed. 


Happy play time ! If you want more feel free to subscribe to my blog, check out my YouTube Clips  or find me on Instagram by clicking here


Lee Skunes