What living in Fargo, being a server, and meditating have in common. Its more than you think.

So I am sitting at a coffee shop today on vocal rest. 

I just bought some good beer for later when I am better to appreciate. 

Its been day 100 or so of straight meditation. Maybe I missed a day in there, but it feels like its been 100 days or so of straight meditation. 

I have also learned how to serve since moving home. I work at a beer hall. Its fucking rad. The people are chill. 

So what the hell does this have anything to do with being a personal trainer and teaching yoga and well being? 

Sometimes, the path you take towards your well being LOOKS NOTHING like you thought or think it should.

I hated my first month home. Jarring, awkward, knowing little to no one from my days of high school. But I knew one thing. 

Nothing and no one is going to get in the way of the long term vision of working with 30 clients a week (maybe serving a few nights a week), and finally owning my own car and place (car is already done.)


You see, if you would have asked me a yer ago if this is where I would want to be and dealing with what I am dealing with, I would have said go fuck yourself. 


But the reality is I am here in Fargo, slowly but surely and steadily building. I am making a name for the contribution I want to make to others. Whether that is being a server, meditating and 80 per cent of the time fallings asleep, or working with clients to help feel good and do good for their bodies. 

You see, living here, meditating here, and serving here in Fargo are a lot like your goals to be a healthier person: they take time to achieve, they usually require being soft on the methods but harder on the principles (thanks Dr. Zak for that one), and will sometimes feel like they are a tad out of your hands. 


Truthfully, its all okay. 


So, go have a beer (unless you are sober, don't go do that), chill the fuck out, and keep taking mini steps. It'll happen. If you want it . 


Happy Medi-Beer-Lifting





Why I don't really teach yoga anymore.

I don't really talk about the chakras much. 

I don't really teach the yamas and the niyamas. 

I don't really speak much on the dieties or ayurvedic practices or enlightenment. 

I don't feel like I am teaching the yoga practice anymore. 

Now I am not saying you have to teach all of these to call yourself a Yoga Teacher. 

However, for myself, I would rather call myself neuro-mobility-mindfulness-movement exploration classes. 


That has a good ring to it, doesn't it? 


No, I know it doesn't. So for now, until there is a better name for consciously being intentional about movement and breath, Yoga will have to do for now. 


See, we in the west have turned a mind body spiritual practice into an athletic endeavor for the most part. 

If that keeps you aware of the body and mind and spirit and ceases the fluctuations of the mind either directly or indirectly, then that is wonderful. 

But if you are slamming namaste or love and light on everything you say but you are still a shitty human being to others, well, suffice to say, there may be some homework to do in that practice of Yoga. 


In a perfect world, I would find a better name for the practice I teach. 

In a perfect world, I would work with those with movement issues and teach strength practices and mindfulness in a way that makes an impact. 

I figured out one of the two. 

For now, I'll call it yoga and figure out a name along the way. 


But know the minute I find a better name, I won't teach Yoga. 

Why, you may be asking? 

Because what is an expression for me and my mind and body and spirit is no longer there. 


It isn't there in  fighting the power dynamics that can be a part of a studio. 

It isn't in it contesting with spaces where people are working with bodies that have no awareness or intentionality of what they are speaking about. 

Because my heart isn't in being with the masses of trying to please others and make the work easy for the sake of you not willing to do the introspection. 


If you are there in it, please keep sharing. 


For me, my heart has found a new love, and I am okay with that. 


You keep doing you and I'll see you on the mat. Or weight rack. Or working on your vision with sticky notes. 


You do you, I'll do me. 


Much Love



Why I won’t train you like you are sheep

Too many times do people get talked like they are sheep. 


Not that bahhhhh sound we think of.

More in the sense that you'll likely follow the herd.

Go with the norm.

Avoid discomfort.

Press for happiness all the time.

Not go against the grain.


Life is too damn short to not raise a few feathers.



So I won't talk to you like sheep.

Nor should you take it from others.


Question everything. Question your teachers. Your philosophies. Your pursuits. Even this email.

Why? We don't question things enough. We take it as face value too often and a majority of the time fail to see we are doing it.

Pause to notice if you are Bahhhhhhh-ing along the way.

Start saying what you really want to say.




From your fellow former Sheep.