Coccygeal Ganglionic Root

When I started to think about how I wanted to write this next series, I had a moment of pause. I wanted to do my best to express my love for science and research, but also have a passion and curiosity of things that have not been explained in the western science world. 

As a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, and a man whose thirst for knowledge and best practices never ends, I want to use these next weeks of writing to try my best to merge and blend the two worlds of science along with eastern medicine and yoga philosophy all into one group. So, here goes:


The First Chakra, or Energy Center of the body, is called Muladhara. Its translation is "root chakra." From an anatomical perspective, it's location is based at the root of the spine, the coccyx, among having connections to the adrenal glands. It's physical manifestations include the skin, the spine, the legs/knees/feet, as well as the immune system and the teeth. The adrenal glands are connected because the root chakra has associations with Fight or Flight in the body. The adrenals are also connected to this Chakra because of its correlation to Fear or Insecurity of the future and what it holds. Whether you lost a job, fear of losing a house or spouse, or feeling insecure about a family environment, cortisol and the stress hormones kick in to get you into action (Think Sympathetic Nervous System.)


The additional connections physically to this area are associated from a blend of western medicine (i.e. the teeth to chew food, which is key to survival, which I will talk about later with the energetic sciences behind it) and eastern philosophies. 

There are certain trigger muscles to certain chakras that hold high charge, and tend to cause us discomfort or dysfunction when a Chakra is imbalance. According to Julian Walker, the First chakra muscles that are connected to it are the periformis and the adductors. From an anatomical perspective, the sciatic nerve runs either through or behind the periformis (depending on your physical structure) and can be pinched, causing discomfort in walking, sitting, and sometimes lying down. The adductors are connected via the Emotional Motor System. This system has muscles and emotions associate with each other as well. 


Now on to the Energetic Philosophy to this Chakra.



The First chakra has a few mantras or statements to it. The first one is All is One. The second one is I exist/ I am here. The root chakra main ideas surround the concepts of Security, Tribe, Community, Survival, and Emotional Stability. 

The root chakra from an energetic perspective is surrounded by your right to exist and your right to survive on this planet. When key themes of financial survival, the ability to afford food to eat, shelter, and job security are threatened, the Chakra can become imbalanced. 

WhIle I will always recommend seeing a qualified doctor if symptoms do show up to make sure they are not coming from another source, symptoms of imbalance in this chakra can include sciatic pain, low back pain, hemorrhoids, rectal discomfort, knee and ankle discomfort, TMJ discomfort (connection to survival of food and right to be here), among others. If you want to do more research into this, Please Read Wheels of Life by Anoeda Judith and Anatomy of a Spirit, by Caroline Myss. 

Ways to help balance this Chakra include yoga, meditation, eating foods with sufficient proteins, as well as being in nature. Many studies are coming out about how Earthing and Grounding can be beneficial for the body structurally as well as energetically. There are some key yoga poses that are connected with this Chakra that I will be putting on my Facebook Page (Peak Body Integration) 

Other exercises include walking, riding, running, dancing, as well as bouncing on the heels to cause a piezoelectric response through bones, altering charge and energy in the body.


I hope you all have found something valuable for yourself out of this article and I will continue to write about each Chakra to give you all multiple tools. Please check out the Facebook Page for videos on the exercise as well as tips to keep the chakras balanced. 

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Many thanks to all of you and feel free to share this forward! Happy New Year


-Peak Body Integration