Sacral Spinal Ganglion

Sacral Spinal Ganglion

Hey all! Happy New Year and it is time for another post. Today we are going to talk about the science and the anatomy of the second chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra.

First, let's start with the science and anatomy of the second chakra. It is connected with the Sacral Spinal Ganglion, and has connections with the diaphragm, psoas, as well as TFL. Because of it's connections with the diaphragm and psoas, it also has connections to respiration as well as the fight or flight response in the body. Since the diaphragm for the most part is under reflexive, or autonomic, response of the brainstem and brain, one could theorize that the psoas is also connection to this fight of flight response in the body. I haven't done research from Liz Koch's book, The Psoas Book, but I have heard many great things about its connections to structure and beyond. 

In proximity of its location in the body, the endocrine organs that  associate in this area are the adrenals as well as the sex hormones. The second chakra is about relationship, partnerships, creativity, and emotions, among other things. I will get more detail into the subtle energetics later, but for now, let's focus on the hormones. The sacral chakra's focus on relationship and creativity put the sex hormones in the limelight, as well as cortisol for its responses to fight or flight in the body. While I say this in every article, I always recommend you see a doctor and hear their medical expertise on symptoms and dysfunctions from this area. From an energetic symptomatic perspective, issues can include sexual infertility, impotency, IBS like symptoms, gut issues, hip and abdominal pain, to name a few. If you are ever more curious to find out of chakra dysfunctions and imbalance, I highly recommend Anatomy of a Spirit, by Caroline Myss or Wheels of Life by Anoeda Judith. 

From a subtle body science stand point, the Sacral Chakra (also known as Svadhistana Chakra) is all about power, partnership, finances, and emotions. Any loss of power in these areas can lead to a  Second Chakra dysfunction. Whether it's the loss of a job, the failure of a relationship, the fear of creating your passion, or losing your position in a community, all can lead to energetic seepage in this area of the physical self. The element connected to this Chakra is Water. A lot of the focus on this Chakra is to allow impermanence and choice to go hand in hand. The statement involved in this area is Honor One Another. It makes sense as the focus of this part of the system is about relationships, whether they be business or sexual or other. 

This area of the abdomen and its energetic sources also focuses on boundaries. Without proper and healthy boundaries, our ability to honor one another while standing for our own morals and ethics can be compromised. A lot of empaths, including myself, can struggle with this area; we allow another's wants and needs to blur our line of ethics and morals and boundaries, making it difficult to say no or go with our gut intuition. 

Sacral chakra also has its ties to birth. This may not mean physical birth. It can also mean the birth of an idea and having said idea become a reality. The notion of birthing a human being or a piece of art or music stems from this connection to the sex hormones as well as the connection to power. 


To help balance this area out, there are a few things one can do. 


1. Be out near water or in the water itself. As you start to be connected to this natural element, the connection of water can help you get a metaphorical and physical connection to the strength of water, and yet how malleable it can be. It can create boundaries while still respecting the power of the other elements around it. 

2. If you find yourself on more of the artistic side, or have stepped away from that part of you, continue creating art. Sing, Dance, Move, Photograph, whatever your art form may be. This can help to integrate and activate this Chakra again. 

3. Practice twisting poses of yoga or belly opening yoga postures. Childs Pose, Dancer's Pose, or a simple seated twist are all great physical efforts that can be added to help you get a deeper connection to this Chakra.

I'll be posting a few things this week including videos and photos on my instagram and facebook page to give you all in person tips and exercises to try to connect to this area. Looking forward to what you all have to think and what you get out of this yourself!


Much Love-


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