Hey all. Sorry a bit delayed on this one, but the fifth chakra is definitely an intriguing one as it affects all the chakras. I'll start with the anatomical locations of the fifth chakra and then dive again into the energetic qualities of this energy center. 


The anatomical location of the fifth chakra lie in the Thyroid gland and the cervical ganglion. The Thyroid is a massive endocrine gland in the body in the sense of the tasks it controls. It helps to manage everything from heart rate to weight gain/loss as well as breathing rate. It also has connections to the small intestine and gut motility. If this gland is not functioning properly, it can wreak havoc on everything from mood to gut health, just to name a few. If you are ever curious about it, there are plenty of endocrine articles on the web and books on the Thyroid and its function and dysfunctions. 

The Fifth Chakra, or Svadhisthana, also has trigger muscles associated with it. The Scalanes as well as the Masseter muscles are connected to this energy center. I would also personally include the Sternocleidomastoid muscles as high charge muscles as the play a pivotal role in neck stability. These muscles tend to be quite tender on a lot of people when massaged or touched.

Physical unbalances occur in almost every chakra. As I state in every article, collaborating with an MD or an Osteopath is always recommended. From a chakra perspective, physical issues can include constant sore throat, hoarse voice, neck pain, TMJD or also known as TMJ. In addition, mouth ulcers, laryngitis, and trouble speaking have been correlated to this area. 


From an energetic and vibrational stance, the fifth chakra is a powerful mastermind that can alter all of the chakras in the body and beyond it. Fear of expression and fear of all sorts in regards to communicating wants and desires or terrors reside here. Withheld intentions and communications block this chakra, but then can alter the associated chakra (fear of survival would be first, fear of relationships and intimacy being the second, fear of personal power would be third, and so on and so forth.)  This Chakra is all about choice and will and consequence. Any triggering of sorts around those areas will hamper the balance of you physically and energetically. 


The Mantra for this Chakra is "I Speak" or also "Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will." Whether you believe in a higher power or energy or not, finding some way of surrendering to the unknown and to the future is key for the vibration of this chakra area to expand and grow. Being able to express your own voice while also giving up control of the future and what it holds as you still take action is powerful. The dance of action and surrender is vital not only to your own energetic success but also your successes in real time. 


Things you can do to help balance this chakra are as follows:


1. Sing/Yell/Rap/Make sounds- Learning how to use the full range of your vocal cords and make sounds is super helpful for this chakra to be released. If it is too hard to admit the bigger truths, start small;. Take small steps to express, even if they seem small and mundane and stupid. This personal practice has helped save my own sanity and usually helps to mend barriers between people in the past and current relationships. 

2. Fish Pose/Camel Pose/Reclined butterfly- All three yoga postures help to open the throat physically as well as energetically. You may feel a rush of fear or anger or sadness when doing so. Please be patient and compassionate as you mov through this space. Finding your voice again can be scary and anxiety ridden. The process is different for every single person.

3. Make a list of the top five things you say to yourself that hurt you and the top five things you wish you could say to someone but haven't- In a leadership course I took we did a practice called locked in-locked out. See what ways you are locked in to talking about yourself to yourself or locked into ways of relating to others. Also, look at what ways you are locked out of expressing to yourself and others. Always nice? Try being a little more assertive today. Always blunt? Try being a little nicer in your communication. You'd be surprised about what can unfold because of it. 


Happy Fifth Chakra exploring- 



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