Eric S

"Lee has helped me recover from several long-term injuries, including two in my lower back and a recurring issue with my shoulder and rotator cuff.

I really enjoy working out with Lee! He's a lot of fun, he keeps my workouts engaging, he accommodates my sometimes-volatile schedule, and I always leave feeling like I've done something good for my body."

Alexandra P

"I came to Lee with back pain that resulted in a sporadic tingling feeling throughout my upper back and left arm in addition to minor knee pain. Lee used neurological and bio-mechanical  techniques to bring my body back into alignment, which greatly reduced the pain in both areas. He also taught me stretching techniques that were simple enough to fit in during work or on the go in order to relieve and stop the sporadic tingling and general pain I was experiencing in those areas.

Two things immediately become clear after meeting Lee: he genuinely wants to help you and he genuinely wants to heal you. Years ago I met Lee when he was a yoga instructor in Boston's South End. I was immediately struck by the way in which he led his classes and became an instant fan. His presence is warm and calming, as you'd expect from someone with a yoga background. But it wasn't until I ran into Lee at the grocery store recently, which was the impetus for multiple sessions with him, that I was able to gain clear insight into the depth of his passion and intelligence about his approach to healing and wellness. What struck me about Lee is that in addition to the great work he does with you during a session, he also wants to equip you with tools you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce pain and bring your body back into alignment. Lee was more accessible and helpful than going to my regular doctor and offered strategies that actually worked for my life. Thank you Lee!!"



"My name is Keith Colby and I have had the great pleasure of helping people since 1996 in 4 main areas - pain relief, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and healthy body composition change.

Working with Lee has helped me be able to help my clients in ways that I thought would never be possible. Especially in regards to pain relief and helping people get out of pain and recover from injuries quickly. Honestly I’ve been doing this since 1996 and I’ve never experienced or come across anything like the stuff Lee teaches and does, ever! 

Lee is an amazingly talented individual who meets people where they are and someone who cares deeply for all those he serves. He is one of the most extremely dedicated, passionate, and brightest people I have ever meet. Lee just wants to do good and wants the very best for all. 

If you get an opportunity to work with Lee, don’t let it pass by. You won’t be disappointed!"




"I started seeing Lee in March of 2016.  I had been in outpatient occupational therapy in Spaulding following almost two months of inpatient physical and occupational therapy as a result of major surgery to remove a large benign ependymoma from my spinal cord.  The tumor ranged from the C2-C5 region, and the surgery left me without fine motor skills, upper body strength, and the ability to walk.  I could walk and function after being discharged from Spaulding, but I still needed a lot of work.  I sought out Lee because I knew that I needed more than a personal trainer.  My fine motor skills, balance, and upper body strength were severely lacking.  Lee not only worked with me for strength training, but his skills, techniques, and knowledge of the nervous system made him the ideal trainer for my condition.  After six months with Lee, I have almost all of my strength back, my posture is better, my balance and coordination are significantly improved.  At this point in my recovery process anyone who meets me would never know that a year ago I was in a wheelchair. I would strongly recommend him to anyone recovering from a neurological condition who is in need of someone who truly understands the system.  Not every trainer can do what he does, and Lee goes above and beyond for his clients."

Hannah I


"I have been suffering from SI joint pain for years, seeking out physical therapy, alternative therapies, yoga, massage etc and finally found Lee to add to my lineup as my movement coach. I honestly can't really recall a day where I felt like I was at a 0, pain-wise...until after a few of my sessions with Lee. Working together, we were able to come up with movements, personalized yoga alignments, exercises and questions for my body to answer to point us in the right direction and ultimately dramatically decrease my pain. Our sessions were highly personalized with every one of my most present needs taken into account. Lee's coaching makes me feel cared for, safe, and empowered. Lee has taught me to move more mindfully and intelligently based on what my body needs on any given day. If you are frustrated with how traditional medicine treats pain, are looking to add more to your pain management toolbox, or want to feel empowered to heal, Lee is your guy."